What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a event where students collaborate to create their own hardware or software product. Throughout the event they can go to great workshops, enjoy free food and drinks, and have fun! At the end of the competition students will pitch their product idea to the judges and be assessed based off mutiple factors. The top products will be awarded cool prizes!

How Big Can Teams Be?

Teams can consist of up to four members, two at minimum. We highly suggest that you work with a larger group as more heads are better than less!

What Should I Bring?

All attendees should bring laptops, charging cables, and sleeping bags. Don't worry about any food or drinks, we will have delicious, high-quality meals being served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will also have plenty of free snacks!

How Will My Product Be Judged?

All products will be judged out of multiple categories including creativity, design, and viablility as a product. The judges will also award extra points for any products they feel deserve it.

I Don't Know How To Code; Can I Still Attend?

Of course! We will have plenty of workshops and activities to help you get started in designing your first product! We will also have mentors who will be happy to help you with anything you need!

How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

Nothing! Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and partners, HorizonHacks is completely free! So leave your wallet behind, and bring your coding skills with you!